Facing the Fear: Dealing with Crisis

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It’s easy to be positive when life is going well. But where does the Law of Attraction leave you when life is tough: When a loved one has cancer, when you’ve been robbed, when you’re losing your job and you’re downright scared?

We talk a lot about the opposition of love and fear. The aim is to live through love, and not let fear guide us. I totally believe that, and I try hard to do it every day, but there are times that fear can serve us, or that we are going to feel it anyway and need to honour it.

I feel the trick to facing a crisis from a spiritual point of view, lies in the way you approach fear, not whether or not you feel it.

Like everyone else, I’ve faced numerous crises, so I’ve had the opportunity to try out different approaches. Some were more successful than others.

When our house was burgled a couple of years ago I made a conscious decision about how I was going to deal with it. I knew I could get profoundly bothered by the intrusion into my home, and I didn’t want to live in that energy. So I decided not to feel like a victim.

I would like to differentiate here between society’s rules, and personal attitude. Clearly, according to society I was a victim, there was a perpetrator and we followed the legal side of things to their lack of conclusion. I’m not suggesting anyone should insist they’re not a victim when they are, and I’m not saying victims should be blamed for what happens to them. At a spiritual development level there is no blame or judgement, there is only your path, your lessons, and how you choose to deal with them.

I think we all have three choices in these situations, we can become swamped by fear and focus on blame, we can bury the victim feelings, or we can face them one by one and disconnect from them. You can replace the word ‘fear’ for ‘victim’ here at any time.

If we sink into victim mentality we get stuck. I’ve been here, you probably have too. You may be there now. I think if you’re in this place, you may need help to get out of it, whether that help is from a counselor, a healer or a friend.

If we bury the fear it becomes part of our personal baggage, the things that have to be dragged back up again every time the Universe forces us to have another look at a lesson we have yet to absorb.

We may keep making the same bad relationship choices, connecting with the wrong people, or having accidents. If something bad keeps happening, chances are it’s part of your learning and there’s something buried you need to drag out, dust off and disconnect from.

It will be no surprise to you that the third option is my favourite. If we focus on the feelings when we’re having them, really look at what emotions are being brought up, what past triggers are being pressed, and open to any other information from the Universe, we can tackle those fears head on before they become too entrenched. In a scary situation, we are not going to get rid of fear, but we can keep dealing with it at each stage, so we don’t build up more baggage in the long run. In this way we can empower ourselves and stop that victim mentality from becoming the new normal.

When our house was robbed, I cleared the energy regularly. Every time I spoke to the police I felt fear resurfacing, so I dealt with it again and again. It wasn’t nice, but I have not been left with a paranoia of being burgled. Before sitting down to write this post, I hadn’t thought about it in about a year. It’s almost as though it never happened.

When life gets tough, it’s because we have a lesson to learn. The quicker we learn the lesson, the sooner we can move onto a better place and the less likely the problem is to repeat.

Your lesson is never competing with anyone else’s, and there’s no timescale for success. Our experiences and the way we deal with them are unique and relate to our own life-plan, nothing else. All that matters is what you need to learn, and how you can best do that.

I prefer to deal with my lessons from an intuitive point of view. I talk with my guides, use tarot cards and Reiki, and when I get stuck, I’ll turn to a psychic friend for help. You could try my methods or you could look for your own. As long as it works for you, and you are kind to others, it doesn’t matter how you approach things.

Do what works for you, and try to stay open to new suggestions. You never know what spark of intuition may have inspired a friend or family member to mention something. Be prepared to examine your feelings and be as honest with yourself as possible. And finally learn to disconnect from what you don’t need any more. This is a life skill I strongly believe we’re all capable of, if we just give ourselves the credit we deserve.

Find out how to disconnect using energetic cord cutting. I talk you through the process step by step in my blog and YouTube video. The video also includes a short meditation to help you disconnect.

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  1. Great article. I like that you advise us to clear our space and really focus on the healing part. It can be tricky at times because the situation can linger and we are reminded constantly of what happened but you give sound advice on how to handle it.

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  2. Great article especially for me this week. I’ve been finding that A beautiful way to explore fear and disconnect from it is Through radical acceptance. Acknowledging it Helps to transform it. :-)maha

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