Sensitivity: Weakness or Superpower?

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We live in a world where sensitivity is generally viewed as weakness.

It’s thought we should be tough enough to take derogatory banter and be unfazed by people being aggressive. We shouldn’t take it to heart when people yell at us through their car windows, or vent their frustrations without a word of explanation. The huge assumption, is that words are only words and there is nothing else behind them.

A sensitive person reacts to these things, because they feel more than the words. In my experience, sensitivity means being awake to the world with more senses than just the five basic ones. It means feeling the energy patterns that surround us and encountering not just the words a person speaks, but the emotions behind them too. Sensitivity means being alive to the vibrations that surround us on a daily basis, and feeling the impact of those vibrations in your physical and emotional bodies.

If you feel angry with a sensitive person, you may choose to censor what you say to them in order to avoid offending. When they respond as though you had vented, you may feel irritated at their overreaction.

Now imagine that the person in front of you is feeling your energy as well as hearing your words. What you say may be innocuous. But if you’re feeling anger, and frustration about not being able to speak out, then the person in front of you is feeling those emotions loud and clear. They may, in fact, be experiencing them more vividly than the words you speak.

To the sensitive, your words and your energy do not match and this causes a disconnect. They feel the energy you emit. If they don’t know how to process that disconnect, they may become angry or frustrated themselves. They may have physical symptoms, a racing heart, wobbly legs, tightness in their chest or nausea.

This is seen to be an over-reaction, but in fact, this person is responding accurately to the energy in the room, even if it doesn’t seem to match the spoken words.

Contrast this with a person who calmly tells the sensitive person what’s bothering them. Because they are being truthful, they are expressing their energy rather than passing it on. In this way the sensitive is able to keep a clear head and listen to the words being said. There is no disconnect. The conversation makes sense. There is probably not as much anger, because the person speaking does not feel censored. The sensitive person may still be annoyed if you are criticising them, but the situation remains manageable and doesn’t blow out of proportion.

Sensitivity is not about the likelihood of a person bursting into tears, it’s about receptivity to energies in the surrounding area. And do you know what? We are so much stronger than you think.

Every day we deal with a barrage of energy that bombards our psychic nerve endings and can leave us feeling raw and snappy. This can be exhausting, but we manage it, most of the time.

So why would you want to develop this? Because there’s so much more to it. We are rewarded with the opportunity to develop new and wonderful ways to relate to the world and to help ourselves and those around us. Once we learn to move beyond the level of reactiveness, that’s when it becomes really exciting.

This is when we begin to be able to communicate with guides, read the energies around us and interpret what they mean, and heal ourselves and others.

As I’ve said many times before, the key is letting go of baggage, releasing those conditioning patterns that enable the energies around us to trigger our own buttons, the wounds that can flatten us and darken our senses.

The fewer buttons we have, the less often we are incapacitated by our own griefs, and the more we can hold onto the clarity that has the ability to make our lives blissful. At this level, we can send healing over long distances and to varying points in time, we can help others see how to make their lives better, just by tuning into their energy. Some people can communicate with animals, or have an amazing ability to manifest what they want in their lives.

How could this not be exciting? We watch films and read books about people with superpowers, about magicians, witches, wizards and mind reading vampires, but what if some at least of these abilities are within our reach? I say they are, at least, the ones that are of true, healing benefit to us and the people around us.

There is so much more to come. I can feel it. To me, it’s tangible. I feel I really should be able to communicate with telepathy, that I should be able to heal my terribly short-sighted eyes myself. At the moment, I haven’t figured out how, but I’m convinced these kinds of things are in our close future.

And where does all of this begin? With sensitivity. That sensitivity that has been labelled weaknes, is an aptitude for experiencing the world in a far more dynamic and interactive way than we have become used to in our third density existence.

But does that mean those who lack sensitivity are incapable? No, it means they have further to travel. Their first stage is probably to open up those receptors that can bring us so many new experiences.

So no, I don’t view sensitivity as my weakness, I see it as my superpower. And I know that every one of you has your own superpower just waiting to be released. We are meant to be so much more than we have become, but we have turned it off. Now is the time to turn it back on. We have become grounded, but there are so many ways to fly.

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  1. Sensitivity is absolutely my super-power – it guides my life including my work. I love being able to feel the things I feel – though yes, feeling someone’s negativity isn’t great – though through that aspect of sensitivity I have become stronger – strong enough to become more out of reach of fear based energy.

    Sensisitivity is a treasure chest of self discovery.

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  2. Excellent Article Martha! I don’t quite understand where this idea comes from that a person’s words shouldn’t hurt us. Words are one of the most powerful tools at our disposal. They can build and encourage, or they can hurt and destroy. I don’t understand how people can think it is possible to not feel anything when someone is directing their anger at you. I have also found that these are the same people who can dish it, but can’t take it.

    Although sensitive, I think empaths can usually handle emotions better than other people can. We feel everything, and we have felt everything for a very long time. So we’ve had to learn how to process and move forward despite our unique sensitivities. People who are not empath can’t understand this, so when they feel something deeply, their response is to either shut it down so they don’t have to feel it, or they try to direct those emotions to someone else.

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      Thank you, Nicole. I agree about empaths being more used to handling emotions. I feel far more uncomfortable around repressed emotions than difficult issues addressed openly. I would always rather someone poured their heart out to me, than sat there feeling sorry for themselves. There is release in looking at your feelings honestly.

  3. This is a great article. I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how to deal with sensitivity. This goes into much more depth than I was able to elaborate. Thanks for the insight!

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  4. Loved this piece. I like how you explained about super powers and how being sensitive can be worked through and be harnessed in a good way. I think it is just about people not wanting to do the work. And by work I mean filtering through all their shit that they have stored up through out the years. You are correct that the less buttons you have to push the better you are well off with working on your super power. Loved it!

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      Thank you Aaron. I agree. Working through your baggage is hard work, but it’s an essential first step to pretty much anything and everything in psychic development I reckon! And as an empath I think it’s even more important because we’re just so receptive. I don’t think that people starting now have to work as hard though as we did when we began all those years ago. The energy is so much more receptive now, and things clear a lot faster. That can be uncomfortable, but it’s all worth it. 🙂

  5. I think many people are sensitive they just don’t Admit it Because in our society it’s not Accepted. I also think when someone says You’re being too sensitive, They are not dealing with their own issues. Thanks for the article!It’s always good to raise More thinking on This this particular subject. It took me many years to actually realize it wad
    S an asset rather than a weakness.

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      Thanks Maha, I agree. In many circles it’s very looked down upon. It took me a long time to realise I was even picking stuff up, I thought I was just being moody lol! It’s so much easier to manage it when you understand what’s happening, and what it can offer you.

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