Facing the Fear: Dealing with Crisis

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It’s easy to be positive when life is going well. But where does the Law of Attraction leave you when life is tough: When a loved one has cancer, when you’ve been robbed, when you’re losing your job and you’re downright scared? We talk a lot about the opposition of love and fear. The aim is to live through love, and not let fear guide us. I totally believe that, and I try hard to do it every day, but there are times that fear can serve us, or that we are going to feel it anyway and need to honour it. I feel the trick to facing a crisis from a spiritual point of view, lies in the way you approach fear, not whether or not you feel it.

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Psychic Collaboration: A Spiritual Adventure

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of looking inside for answers. This week I am going to take the opposite tack, and talk about the wonders of being surrounded by like-minded and supportive people. I’ve been lucky. Despite being in the closet for most of my life, I have always had one or two people I could be open with, and who could support me. I have a close psychic friend who I regularly turn to when things get tricky and she comes to me when she needs help. But why would we need help? I hear you ask. If we’re psychic shouldn’t we know everything already?

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Sensitivity: Weakness or Superpower?

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We live in a world where sensitivity is generally viewed as weakness. It’s thought we should be tough enough to take derogatory banter and be unfazed by people being aggressive. We shouldn’t take it to heart when people yell at us through their car windows, or vent their frustrations without a word of explanation. The huge assumption, is that words are only words and there is nothing else behind them. A sensitive person reacts to these things, because they feel more than the words.

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The Time of the Hermit: Seeking Answers Within

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With five planets currently in retrograde, I am feeling the pull to halt my journey out into the world and retreat inwards. The last few months have been wonderful, exciting, enjoyable and immensely full on. I have said yes over and over again. I have done things that terrified me and given freely of my energy. I have loved it. But now I am really seeing the shift. As I keep saying yes, I notice my body is whispering no in my ear. While I type, I can see the image of the Hermit tarot card in my minds eye. The Hermit knows wisdom is to be found within, through a connection to the divine in each and every one of us.

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