Fantasy vs Reality: Truth or Fiction

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‘I don’t like fantasy fiction, I like my stories to be realistic.’ As someone who loves to read and write fantasy and paranormal fiction, I hear these statements a lot. There is an assumption here that ‘reality is a clear and finite thing, something solid that is the same for everyone. But can you ever really know what another person sees as reality? For some, there is no such thing as colour, just a broad spectrum of different greys. For others, there is no real definition between musical notes.

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Authenticity: A Call to Live from the Heart

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Authenticity is a buzz word in spiritual circles. It’s fueled by the excitement of people who have been living in the closet for far too long, and now see the possibility of stepping out and living their life in the open. It seems to me that some people live very authentically, telling everybody what they think. Others stay quiet, disagreeing with what they’re hearing, but afraid of offending someone. Neither of these approaches are wrong, but because the two sets of people come from such different perspectives, it creates a stark imbalance. But what does authenticity really mean?

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How To Set Boundaries In Relationships

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This week I welcome guest blogger Nicole Guillaume of Guiding Echoes, intuitive, tarot card reader and healer. She comes to tell her own personal story of escaping the cycle of abusive relationships.

Nicole said: “I grew up in an abusive household. Both of my parents were narcissistic and had anger issues. It was hard to know what would set them off. They were also manipulative, controlling and very religious. Early in life, it became apparent that my brother, sister and I were simply tools that were meant to make them look good. They had little tolerance for us when we spoke our mind, asked questions or formed our own opinions that were not in alignment with their own values and beliefs.Growing up in this environment was difficult.”

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Synchronicities: Messages from the Universe

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Last year my parents, my sister and her husband went to India. They were going just before Christmas, so there was lots of talk of presents and I asked them to bring me back a Goddess. ‘What kind of goddess do you want?’ they asked. ‘A picture or a statue? And which goddess are you after?’ After all, there’s no shortage of goddesses to choose from in India. I was irritatingly vague. ‘You’ll know,’ I said. ‘Just choose the goddess that calls to you. The one you love will be the right one.’

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