Energy Clearing: Making Home a Sanctuary

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I was away last weekend, staying in beautiful, old buildings. For me, that induces mixed feelings. The buildings are wonderful, but old buildings come with old energies, maybe even earth bound spirits, or ‘personalities’ as I call them.

These energies can affect me strongly. They impact my sleep and leave me feeling edgy and uncomfortable. They may even induce headaches.

The answer is to clear the energy of the place. This is a key skill if you are sensitive, and/or embarking on psychic development. The more receptive you become, the more you feel the negative energies, as well as the good ones. So protect yourself, and protect the space around you.

Mostly this means your home and workspace, but sometimes it can mean a hotel, a villa or conference centre. In fact, anywhere you sleep is worth clearing.

If you’re not sure what I mean, think about somewhere you’ve been that you felt was really special. Somewhere that filled you with awe and gave you a sense of connection to a higher power. Now think about somewhere that felt creepy, or where you generally feel stressed?

In all these examples you are responding to the energy. If you are passing through, that’s fine. It can be interesting to observe the feel of different buildings, and you wouldn’t want to clear someone’s energy from their own home, even if it is uncomfortable. This is a job for protection, not for clearing.

If it’s your own home, or a villa or hotel room that you’re sleeping in, that’s a different matter.

But why would your home have negative energy? We all have difficult times in our lives. During these tricky periods, the energy of your fear and stress is absorbed into your home. Anything can hold energy, but I find natural materials hold more. Anything made of wood or stone will be likely to absorb a lot of the energy you emit. If you have negative people visit your home, they will also leave energy behind, as will other members of your family. Also take into account anything that may have happened before you moved in, or even while the house or flat was being built or renovated. Even if these energies aren’t negative, if they’re not yours it’s not ideal.

Having your home filled with the right energy for you and your family is an uplifting experience. For me, it makes my home feel more my own. I feel calmer there, more peaceful and settled. It also means that I am more connected psychically. Channeling and tuning in are easier and clearer.

So how do you clear your home of the energy that has built up?

You can try sage smudging, use visualisation or splash out on a singing bowl. I will explain these methods, but there is no limit to ways you can clear a space. How you do it is a personal choice. The key is finding the way that is right for you.

To get you started, I will give you three methods. If you have others, please do include them in the comments section, so other people can benefit from them too.


This is my main method of clearing. It is completely cost free and you can do it at anytime from anywhere with no preparation or need for props.

Find a quiet space and close your eyes. Take some long, slow breaths and imagine all the stress flowing out of your body as you breathe out. Now imagine a beam of bright white light streaming in through the centre of the room. See it become gradually wider as it expands to fill the whole room, right into the corners. Ask your Guides, Angels, God or Goddess to release the house from fear. Imagine all negativity burning away with the light until the energy of the room is left bright and sparkling, then see the light disappear.

As with all methods, your intention is the most powerful element. Really intend that this will clear the room and it will.

This method can also be used to clear a building in advance, from a distance. Just picture the room and then see it filling with light. The only limitation is your ability to visualise.

Sage Smudging

Sage Smudging is a Shamanic method, which is simple and effective.

For this you need a sage smudging stick, some matches and a feather. It is most effective if you do it when the house is empty and peaceful, although I have also had success doing it while other people are around.

The advantage to this method is that the ritual increases your focus and I feel a lot of energy building when I do it. It’s wonderfully effective, and is peaceful too. The down side is that the sage has a strong smell which lingers.

Take a piece of sage from the stick and light it with a match, let it burn for a moment and then blow it out. Starting at the door, walk around each room, wafting the sage smoke with the feather, and imagining it carrying away any negative energy. Imagine the light coming into the house and filling it, washing away anything negative. Pay particular attention to the corners, and to any natural materials such as wood or stone that hold onto energy more strongly. Repeat this process in every room of the house.

Singing Bowl

You can also cleanse a room using sound. I use a singing bowl my parents brought home for me from Kathmandu, but you can also use tuning forks and drums. The bowl or fork is tuned to a frequency that resonates with one of the chakras. My bowl is an F, and resonates to the heart chakra.

Singing bowls are easily available here, although expensive. The factory produced versions sound lovely, but I’m told they don’t have the same value for energy work.

Like sage smudging, begin at the door, and walk around each room sounding the singing bowl, tuning fork or drum. At the same time, ask whatever power you believe in to help clear the energy in the room. Imagine the room flooding with bright, white light and clearing away any negative energy. Do this in each room, paying particular attention to the corners.

Other things you can do:

  • Light a fire,
  • Light a candle,
  • Burn incense,
  • Have a water feature,
  • Clean your house, using your intention to clear the energy at the same time.

With the right intention, these methods clear negative energy from a building. If the building is very old, it may help to do it several times to release the layers of energy within the materials. Similarly, if there are people inside, they will continually change the energy, so this is a process that needs repeating regularly.

In order to clear an earth bound spirit or ghost from your home, you need to work directly with spiritual guides. If this is not something you’re experienced at, I suggest you contact a medium or psychic with the relevant experience to help you. You can look in my Practitioners section if you would like a recommendation.

Once your house is clear, you can help to protect your space using crystals. I was told to put a quartz point in each corner of the house, and I have added an amethyst which is my protection crystal of choice. Rose quartz either side of each door also helps by putting a loving filter on the entrances to your home. Remember to pay special attention to your crystals when you next clear your house, they can also pick up negativity.

All of these suggestions are from my own experience. If you are interested in finding out more about Shamanic methods, sound therapy or crystal healing, please consult an expert. You can find some suggestions on my Practitioner page.

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