Soul Groups: Lighting the Karmic Path

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During the course of my past-life work, I have encountered the same souls incarnating with me over and over again.

Similarly, I have relatives who have passed, but whom I still feel connected to.

This is because we are all part of the same soul group. At a higher level, we all work together to facilitate the learning of everyone in the group, in each lifetime. This means we have a wealth of Karmic connections, increasing the love we feel for each other, but also exaggerating our ability to push each other’s buttons and provide opportunities for learning and spiritual development.

The Light Circle had this to say:

‘Soul groups are an integral part of your learning process. By helping each other, you raise the frequency of every member of the group, including yourself.

‘When you incarnate, you do so with the express agreement and support of those around you. You agree how you are going to help each other in your lives, how you are going to show up as each other’s challenges, loves and infatuations. You may be surprised by the people in your soul group. Some are obvious, your partner, offspring, parents, others are less obvious. Often the people who challenge you most in life, are in fact a part of your close soul group, incarnated in agreement that you will offer each other the learning you crave in this lifetime.

‘Soul groups aren’t just about providing earthly love, they are about offering cosmic love, a love so all-encompassing that it defies the social norms of your existence. It moves beyond the human patterns of judgement, irritation and competition. It functions only at the level of a deep learning so intense it forms the core structure of your life here on Earth.

‘Many times it is your soul group that provides your learning, stepping up to present you with challenges and opportunities at just the right moments and pushing you out of complacency and into a state of searching. That searching, and the learning process behind it, is integral to the success of your Karmic path.

‘The boundaries of death that seem so divisive to you, are in fact not relevant at a soul level. Instead, you continue to work together in a stream of continuous development as soul after soul moves in and out of its incarnational opportunities. At times you will be a player, at other times you will be a guide. You will both perform learning on behalf of the group and receive it from the others you journey with.

‘This said, your soul group is not a static structure. It is in itself part of a larger group, which is part of an even bigger group. This continues higher and higher until the level of oneness, of cosmic unity that unites all beings on earth in the grand plan of spiritual development. The more you progress spiritually, the wider your awareness of these groups becomes, and the more you are able to add to, and benefit from the learning of others.

‘The aim here is to travel further up ladder of awareness. The higher your vibration, the more you benefit from the learning of others and begin to comprehend the oneness you share with those around you. This is why raising your vibration increases psychic abilities. The Empaths among you have such a feeling of oneness, that you do not recognise the difference between your emotions and others. This is particularly pronounced with those in your soul group, with whom you are more highly attuned. You feel joy with those around you and suffer with those around you. This can cause you to close off to that connection, but rather, the search for truth indicates the need to raise your vibration higher, to a point at which your understanding increases. Then you can see the emotions for what they are, rather than simply riding the wave of feeling.

‘It is this understanding that characterises a higher spiritual vibration, the ability to see the connections, the oneness, and to understand what it means and how you relate to it.

‘By comprehending the nature of your own energy, and by reaching out to touch more and more soul groups, you begin to embrace the connectivity of the universe, seeing it as a global, indeed intergalactic entity that is supported by a wealth of energies beyond your human understanding. Only by moving in the direction of greater integration, of greater connectivity, will you truly raise your energy vibration and Ascend.’

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  1. Dear Martha,
    I remember the days you were pondering aloud about “coming out of the broom closet.” After reading your insights, I thank the Invisibles that you decided, were given the courage to share your Light, your Fire, because they help elevate us. Thank you for sharing your blessings.

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