Reincarnation: Have I Lived Before & Why?

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Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you think you’ve been here before, or is this a one-off opportunity to make it big? When you die, will you go to heaven or hell, disappear into nothing, or be born again for another go?

The first time I sat down to meditate, I saw a past life. A hazy picture began to form in my mind. I saw a figure moving through the motions of life, showing me a scene from their existence.

That scene had a lesson for me. It showed me something in that life that mirrored a problem I had in this incarnation. It showed me that this was a Karmic issue I had dealt with before this moment. That figure was me, but a different Me.

Seeing that moment enabled me to understand this life better. And when I had done that, I cut the cords with what had happened in my past life, letting go of a little piece of my baggage. For me, this is the point of past life work.

Most of us have been here many times before, more times than we could truly comprehend. It isn’t necessary to remember all these lives. Some will have been full of lessons, others may have been gentle, slow, or not relevant to now. You may have already dealt with that Karma in a previous existence, or earlier in this life.

As with all self-development, it comes down to the lessons, and what is relevant to you, right now.

When that life came to me, it did so because there was something I needed to learn from it at that moment. Today, I can’t remember what the life was, or the lesson it taught me. The memory has faded, because the lesson has been learned.

Each time we come to earth, we have a purpose, a contract to fulfil that specifies what we need to achieve in this lifetime. Whether or not we achieve that learning is down to us. We have free will and can choose whether or not to follow the promptings and opportunities that are always there, encouraging us towards the path we chose before birth.

If we do follow, we will hopefully learn our lessons, and the next time we reincarnate, we will have a more enlightened life. If we ignore the lessons, we must come back again to learn them. More typically, we move further along the path of learning the lessons, and then come back again to learn a bit more. This means you can trace your lessons back over many lifetimes, accessing a deep and complex view of each learning process.

When it comes to completing and letting go of the lesson, you have approached it from so many perspectives, that you understand to a far deeper level than your logical mind can comprehend.

This is Karma. This is reincarnation.

Past life work is not about discovering which famous people you were in a previous existence. It’s about finding out what baggage you have brought forwards from your previous lives into this one. It’s about recognising which of your negative patterns have seeds in a previous existence. This allows you to understand them more fully and to let them go.

At this time, there is a big move towards letting go. Many of us have incarnated to conclude a wide range of Karmic lessons, in order to move our vibrations to a higher, and more positive frequency. This is the purpose of doing past life work. If you are interested in exploring your personal history, you can of course go for a past life regression, but you can also try to do it yourself.

Try mediating. Ask your guides, Angels, God, or whatever else you believe in to show you the lessons from your past lives that you need to address at this time.

Open your mind to how these messages may come through. There are many ways to receive promptings. You may hear words, see pictures, experience feelings or gut knowings. Remember that most intuitives and psychics will hear or see in their mind, rather than with their eyes or ears. This is not always the case, but if you don’t yet know how it works for you, open your mind to both possibilities.

You may also receive promptings as sudden fascinations or the desire to learn something new. You might receive vivid dreams that feel more real than usual. I had a recurring dream for years about being chased by lions. When I meditated on this, I saw a life that was truly eye-opening. I’ve never had that dream since.
If you do find a life, think about how it relates to the situation you’re dealing with at the moment and how it might help you understand your patterns. Once you’ve figured this out, try cutting the cords and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, there’s still more to learn, so repeat the process. The more you do this, the easier it will become.

If you don’t see a life, don’t worry. Meditation isn’t the only way to access inner wisdom. Inspiration might strike when you’re walking the dog, playing music, or drawing. If you ask a question and then start writing, the words might pour out, or you may experience co-incidences or synchronicities that lead you in a direction that just feels right.

Everyone functions differently. You need to find your way.

The important thing is to make the decision that you want to learn and progress. If you set this intention, the process will begin, whether it’s in the way you anticipated, or something entirely different. Set the intention, and be open to the method. This gives you the greatest chance of flow and of linking with the information you need to move forward.

Good luck and please do tell me your experiences in the comments section below.

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  1. For some reasonI have never had the urge to explore who I was in a past life. I have always had a deep knowing of my purpose in this life and I think that was enough. I used to think that I was open to believing Past lives But something happened In my childhood That made me Not believe in any idea Coming from humankind. I believe that I have a human brain therefore The human brain can only go so far and has its own limitationsAnd I stopped wondering about past lives When I was a child After Coming up with this Theory when I was studying ants!:-) I was thinking that these little ants have no idea who I am so how could I ever know anything for certain in the universe Because I only have a human mind! Although I truly believe that energy is not ever destroyed it is transformed So I do believe that We don’t just go away to nothing after we die Past the point I can’t say because I have a human mind!On another note isn’t it absolutely ludicrous when people actually believe they were famous people in past lives? I found it so interesting that dr. Wayne Dyer Insisted he was Pope Francis In a past life and many other existences! How interesting To talk about that to everyone. Thank you for a very thought-provoking Post!

    1. Post

      Hi Maha

      Thanks for your thoughts, I love the story about the ants! Maybe you haven’t had an earth life in the past and that’s why it doesn’t appeal, or maybe you just don’t need to look in that direction. It certainly isn’t for everyone, there are many good ways to learn more about yourself. I agree that the famous thing is pretty irrelevant. It’s not about being able to locate a specific person in history, it’s about what you can learn from it.

      Love and Light


  2. ” It’s about finding out what baggage you have brought forwards from your previous lives into this one. It’s about recognising which of your negative patterns have seeds in a previous existence. ”

    Love this article. Great insight and thoughts on past life issues. Loved the item above about what it means. Blessed Be.

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