Energy Clearing: Making Home a Sanctuary

Martha Dunlop How To, New to This

I have been away this weekend, staying in beautiful, old buildings. For me, that induces mixed feelings. The buildings are wonderful, but old buildings come with old energies, maybe even earth bound spirits, or ‘personalities’ as I call them.
These energies can affect me strongly. They impact my sleep and leave me feeling edgy and uncomfortable. They may even induce headaches. The answer is to clear the energy of the place. This is a key skill if you are sensitive, and/or embarking on psychic development. The more receptive you become, the more you feel the negative energies, as well as the good ones. So protect yourself, and protect the space around you.

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Soul Groups: Lighting the Karmic Path

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During the course of my past-life work, I have encountered the same souls incarnating with me over and over again. Similarly, I have relatives who have passed, but whom I still feel connected to. This is because we are all part of the same soul group. At a higher level, we all work together to facilitate the learning of everyone in the group, in each lifetime. This means we have a wealth of Karmic connections, increasing the love we feel for each other, but also exaggerating our ability to push each other’s buttons and provide opportunities for learning and spiritual development.

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Reincarnation: Have I Lived Before & Why?

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Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you think you’ve been here before, or this is a one-off opportunity to make it big? When you die, will you go to heaven or hell, disappear into nothing, or be born again for another go? The first time I sat down to meditate, I saw a past life. A hazy picture began to form in my mind. I saw a figure moving through the motions of life, showing me a scene from their existence. That scene had a lesson for me. It showed me something in that life that mirrored a problem I had in this incarnation. It showed me that this was a Karmic issued I had dealt with before this moment. That figure was me, but a different Me.

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Parallel Lives: A World of Infinite Realities

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Have you ever wondered how your life would have turned out if you’d made a different decision? What if you’d ditched the job you hated instead of putting security first? You’d started trying for children earlier, or had them later? Do you agonise over decisions, wondering how your life will turn out according to each variable? What if, in fact, your soul lives out all of these options, in an infinite number of different realities? There could be a whole range of versions of you, living out many different lives. Some would be so similar you’d hardly notice the change. Others would be radically different.

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Cord-Cutting: A Key to Letting Go

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Cord cutting is a process of disconnecting yourself from the energy of people, experiences and places that hold you back. Cords are energetic connections that link you to an infinite number of energies from your past and present. In my experience, cords are as many and varied as the relationships and experiences we have. You don’t have one cord with your husband, you have cords that link you to the person, the way you met, and every experience you have shared together. This is a beautifully complex picture. Some of these are positive. They will connect you to good experiences, people you love and things you have learned. These cords do not need to be cut. The cords we are looking at here join you to pain, fear and sadness.

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