Self-Esteem: Breaking the Pattern of Self-Disbelief

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Who hasn’t struggled with self-esteem?

We are caught between socially acceptable norms, telling us we must be perfect, but under no circumstances should we be arrogant or blow our own trumpets.

Everywhere we look, people present their best faces, the smiles that hide their agony, and make-up that covers imperfections. When you add the media into the mix, it becomes even worse. The airbrushed images of beautiful men and women are formidable in their example and completely unreachable. Who can compete with that?

Compared with these images, it is all too easy to see yourself as broken. The truth is, that everyone has their issues and each person is in varying stages of understanding or blocking what these issues represent. They are the learning opportunities our soul requires in order to grow, they teach us strength, compassion, and how to grow.

The Light Circle had this to say:

‘Self-manifestation can be a lonely path. It requires of the individual a supreme ability to search inside for answers, the ability to step outside of the false perceptions of limitation imposed by the physical world. It requires a degree of the self-confidence that has been so eroded and so damaged in the human psyche over the millennia that have led to this moment.

‘This has been a point of supreme learning, a point of understanding that personal power over others is not an ultimate goal, and can be a weakness.

‘Over and over again, people have risen to power in your Earth world and been torn down again for presuming to stand above others. Power is so fleeting, and many seek to drink of that intoxicating cup, to experience power over others, and power that feeds the greed consuming so many of those on earth.

‘The point of the learning, is to move beyond to discover personal oneness, that sense of being perfect in yourself, and yet part of the supreme, all-powerful whole is a large lesson indeed. It requires a level of humility, an understanding that the highest level of being, is to be a conduit for the divine, a channel for pure love energy, for the positivity that is increasingly flowing towards your planet Earth.

‘And yet, I hear you say, there is so much negativity, so much famine, war and violence. So much greed, anger and self-harm.

‘Yes, these negative conditioning patterns are very much in evidence at this time on your earth. As you move towards a change in frequency, those who look to the light, experience more and more light. Those who still struggle with third density reality find life harder and harder, because the shift in frequency on your Earth planet is no longer supporting those behaviours in the way it once did.

‘Please do not misunderstand. I am not apportioning blame of any kind to any people. Those who are currently struggling, caught in a fear based frequency, do so because this is the learning they chose before birth. They are living out vital Karma that is perfect for their stage of life at this time.

‘These events, difficult as they are, all have divine purpose and bring the process of the Ascension of your planet closer to its completion.

‘And yet, for those who are on an Ascension path, the energies become lighter and faster by the day. For you who have chosen to increase your vibration, and if you are reading this then this is probably in your life path, for you the time to choose has come. You must let go of these negative conditioning patterns that are holding you in a state of low self-esteem and a lack of understanding of the greatness of which you are a part.

‘Understand now that you, and every person you encounter, are a part of the great whole, the divine plan that has been building for millennia. The time has come for you to understand the perfection of your soul, of your being, and to trust in the wisdom that flows from your heart and into your life and the world around you.

‘Until you accept this, we will continue to challenge you with situations that demand you stand up for your own truth even in the face of condemnation and discouragement from others. You need to know the truth in your own heart, your own soul, and stand by that truth each and every moment of every day. You need self esteem, yes. You need to understand your own power, yes. And you need to realise that you are part of the great whole, the oneness and divine light and love, that bring life to every living being.’

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  1. It’s a tricky one for sure. You often feel you cannot win. If you’re down on yourself, you get told not to care and hold your head high and believe in yourself. But if you exhibit strong self belief, you are perhaps disliked for being over confident or unrealistic.

    People say they have their own set of opinions and beliefs. But they’re happy to adapt them to criticise another person if that reinforces their discomfort with something. I’ve been guilty of this too! But I’m working to be conscious of that and move away from it ?

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      It is. It’s far more socially acceptable to put yourself down, plus going out on a limb can cause embarrassment if you get anything wrong. But think about the people who really stand out to us, or who draw people too them. I think they have a good amount of self-belief.

      The thing is, if you start looking at yourself as a part of the whole, a part of the Earth, the Source, and a part of everything and everyone on the planet, then you must be as wonderful as all those things. If everything is created of love, then you are too. But I don’t think that’s about arrogance, because it also acknowledges the perfection in everyone else as well. 🙂

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    2. As a former Christian (Methodist) and now devout Atheist, I see all Chtitsianiry for the total fraud it is. It’s all about guilt, fear and control, cloaked in love, of course. The most liberating experience of my life was coming out of the closet. The next most liberating was kicking Christianity out of my life, as thousands and thousands of gays have also done.

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