My Weekend in a Haunted House: A Real Life Ghost Story

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I was really looking forward to the party.

It was being held in a beautiful, old house in the countryside. There were thirty people coming, most of whom I knew, and we would be spending the Easter weekend together, murder mystery night, Easter egg hunt and all.

I meditated in the car on the way there. I’ve stayed in enough old buildings to know that the accumulated energy makes it almost impossible for me to sleep. So this time I was determined to be prepared. The energy in the house brightened nicely, except one dark spot at the bottom of the building. Never mind, I thought to myself, there’s probably a caretaker in there preparing for us. I’ll have another go later.

We carried mountains of luggage into a grand front hallway. It had clearly been a gentrified country retreat. The entrance hall was majestic, with a wide, arched wooden doorway covered in iron bolts, leading to a large hall with an open staircase.

Inside, we carried our cases up to our room. It was a comfortable, modern space and I breathed a sigh of relief. The energy in here felt clean and bright. I couldn’t see any reason for my sleep to be disturbed in this room.

We went downstairs and met the others who led us around the house, waiting expectantly for our oohs and ahs. The top of the house, the ‘Upstairs’ section was beautiful, and the main living areas on the ground floor were also pretty spectacular. Huge, comfortable leather sofas lounged in front of a real fire that crackled in the grate. Large windows looked out over an incredible view across the hills.

Leaving the living room, we went through a door next to the kitchen and down a set of narrow stairs. Down here the polished exterior was replaced by thick, unplastered brick walls and a low ceiling covered in white wash. It was clean, but rough. I could feel a fizzing in my solar plexus and my heart beat faster. A pain started building in the middle of my forehead, my Third Eye chakra. My body was screaming at me to leave this place, but I knew there was no reason to be scared. We were truly in “downstairs” territory. The servants’ quarters had none of the Upstairs finesse, but there was no threat. I carried on looking around, admiring the pretty bedrooms, but I was very pleased to get back upstairs.

As the evening drew in and darkness wrapped around us, I found my gaze repeatedly drawn to THAT door, the one that led down to the narrow, white brick hallway with the low ceiling. I could feel my heart rate rise as I looked at it. I wasn’t scared, but I felt the fear that streamed from that place with no let up. Determined to figure out what was going on, I set up my psychic protection and went downstairs.

When I focused, I could feel a presence. There was a woman. She was crying, curled up in the corner of the hall. I tried to help her, but I had no mediumship experience and although I was able to contact her, I made little impact on the heavy energy in the hall. Realising I wasn’t prepared for this, I sent her love, then went back upstairs, full of frustration.

I knew I had to do something. Not only was the energy in that part of the house unpleasant, but the poor girl needed help. I emailed a friend who is a medium and she agreed to come on board. A while later, I felt the woman leave.

The next morning, my friend and I cleared the energy in the house a second time and now it felt much more positive. I still didn’t like that downstairs space, but it no longer reeked of fear.

The experience of encountering this strong energy and being able to call on my friend to help release the earth-bound spirit had been exciting, but I was frustrated that I hadn’t been able to do more. I wished I had been able to move her on myself and release the energy of the house.

That evening, as I was sitting in my bedroom I caught sight of a figure out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head, but there was nobody there. I looked forwards again, and was distinctly aware of a presence in the room to my right. I set up psychic protection and focused on the energy. It wasn’t threatening, and just stayed there, not moving. Suddenly I had a rush of understanding. It was saying thank you. That felt right, so I didn’t think about it again.

The next morning, I was still aware of the presence. It felt friendly, protective. I had slept extremely well, and felt sure it had been watching out for me. It stayed with me even when we left, and it soon identified itself as a new guide.

I started listening to lots of audio books by mediums. I was fascinated by what they did and the spiritual journeys they had been on. I also talked to friends who were mediums and began to get a feeling for the way they worked.

One day, walking home from town past a graveyard I felt a a conviction building that there was something I needed to do. Tuning into my guides, I walked through the graveyard. As I approached a big, sprawling tree, a tingling began to form in the third finger of my right hand. By the time I was standing next to the tree, that tingling had turned into an ache that burned in my finger. Connected to my guides as I was, I knew this was a sign I was in the right place. I focused on the tree and felt the presence of a man. My mediumship guide was with me, so I handed over the reins, allowing him to wrap the spirit of the man in high vibrational energy. This helped the man’s own energy to rise enough for him to cross to the other side. Once he was gone, the aching in my fingers disappeared. I worked exclusively through my guide, and I knew I was perfectly safe the whole time.

This is a process I have now done many times. I have come to recognise that tingling in my fingers as a signal from my mediumship guide that there is work to do. This is known as a calling card. If I don’t spot it, or react, then it builds to an ache until the work is completed.

So do I believe in ghosts? Yes I do, although I don’t use that word. I refer to them as ‘earth-bound spirits’ or ‘personalities’. They can be problematic, because they latch onto fear frequencies in order to bind them to this lower density earth plane. As they also emit the fear they absorb, this creates a sense of fear in those around them.

This said, I have never experienced an actual threat from them. Personally, I see them as souls in need of help. With assistance from a medium and spiritual guides, their vibration can be raised enough to allow them to cross to the other side, to move forward with their learning.
Each time this happens, the energy on earth becomes a little brighter.

So what should you do if you encounter an earth-bound spirit? Firstly call on whatever power you believe in to protect you and your energy. Imagine bright, white light surrounding you for as long as you need it. If you ask for help and protection, it will be given in accordance with your own greatest good.

If there is a problematic presence, something in your home, or the home of a friend, you can contact a medium for help with moving it on. This does not need to be a frightening or intrusive process. When I help a spirit cross it is a quiet, meditative experience. Of course everyone will work in their own way, but you should always trust your own heart. Choose someone whose approach feels right to you.

Each time an earth-bound spirit is helped, released from the fear frequency, the vibrational level of our Earth rises, helping us to raise our own energy vibration a little more. We are living in amazing times of exciting change. We need to protect our energies, but we also need to let go of the fear and the hype, release the media image of the paranormal and the fear that engenders. Let’s focus on what is real, helping those in need and focusing on love and light. That is the way towards spiritual growth.

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