Clearing: The Storm After the Calm

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First comes the breakthrough, that beautiful aha moment when the world fits into place. You feel amazing, buzzing as though life can’t get any better. Then the next day you wake up with a throbbing headache and a mood that would scare small children.

What happened to destroy your buzz?

When you took that big step, you let go of a truck-load of conditioning patterns you didn’t need anymore. This is a bit like opening a gate, but the negative energy that has been held in by that barrier is still there, pumping around your system and holding you back from raising your vibration and developing spiritually and psychically.

The energy is like a dark fog. When you hold it in, you can see, but you are dragged down. Once you let it out, it clouds your vision for a few days, then it disperses, leaving you lighter and clearer.

If your issues are about speaking your truth, the energy will begin to release through your throat chakra. You may have a sore throat, mouth ulcers or a cold sore. You may lose your voice, or find that for a few days you can’t tolerate anything tight around your neck. Similarly self-esteem issues are likely to manifest around your sacral chakra (lower stomach), or a lack of grounding and stability may surface around your lower back and hips (your root).

Personally, whatever else I get, I pretty much always get a headache. I spent years going for tests to find out what was wrong, but there was nothing. No problem at all.

Now I know my patterns. I know that a breakthrough will be followed by release and a headache, but it will pass and there is no need to worry. One day, I believe the headaches will end. Until then, I will keep clearing.

Once the energy has been released it will be gone, so let it flow. Don’t hold it in and fight the discomfort. Instead, see a beam of white light streaming down around you, washing away the energy and leaving you clear.

There are ways to help this process along. The more you understand the patterns you are releasing, the more effective you will be at letting go.

When we experience physical discomfort we tend to assume we’re ill and take medicine. If the symptoms are emotional, we look for what might be causing them and assign blame. We might decide we have a terrible immune system, that life is bad and makes us miserable, or our spouse is at fault. If there’s no obvious problem we’ll look even harder, latching onto something improbable and obsessing about it.

We’ve all been there.

But if you can, try to take a step back. Look at what’s bothering you and view it from an impartial angle. Might your sore throat be due to communication issues? Imagine a small, blue disk, spinning right at the front of your throat. If the chakra is blocked, the disk may not be spinning smoothly, or it might be surrounded by dark energy. Imagine white light beaming down from the sky straight onto that disk. Imagine it washing away any dark energy and allowing it to spin freely again.

While you do this, open your mind and pay attention to what flits through. This way, you allow your higher-self or guides to send thoughts in your direction. If you are a developed psychic you will already have ways of communicating and may hear words, see pictures or get feelings. If you’re not at that stage yet, don’t stress. The process begins with an open mind and the intention to communicate. Allow messages to come through if it is appropriate, and be open to the idea that your own thoughts, or things that you see or hear around you, maybe be pushing you towards the realisations you need.

You can also ask for help from other people. Reiki and other types of energy healing are good for dissolving blockages and clearing through energy, and hypnosis can target specific issues. But anything that helps you relax and let go can also work in your favour. Many healers can perform their therapies at a distance, sending them to you at an agreed time.

These things can make the process quicker and nicer, but you don’t need them. All you really need is the intention to get rid of your blockages and clear away the energy. Once you begin this process, you will start raising your vibration, and over time, the process will become quicker and easier. When I feel it begin, I now acknowledge it without looking for reasons or blame. I know I can feel bad because I’m clearing. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with me or my life. This is amazingly freeing and enables me to let the energy clear, welcome any realisations, then move on without having created a new layer of aggravations.

Clearing is a natural process, a way of getting rid of the energy patterns and blockages you no longer need. It may feel uncomfortable, but it is helping you, and if you can, try to welcome it. Know that afterwards you will have let go of some of the baggage you no longer need and your life will be that much brighter.

Please do feel free to share your own experiences in the comments. I would love to hear your stories.

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  1. Another very interesting blog Martha. My own perception and experience is similar to yours, i.e.. step back and look at how we feel, allowing ourselves to know we are clearing, nothing is getting worse though it can seem that way for a while.

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