Transcending Powerlessness and the Search for Unity Consciousness

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There are many ways to feel powerless. We may feel powerless in the global landscape, around dominant personalities, or in our ability to deal with situations in life. As an empath, I can feel powerless in my ability to hold my own shape and keep out other peoples’ negativity. This can drag me down, steal my buzz and leave me feeling grumpy and complaining. In reality though, powerlessness is an Earth lesson. It’s one of the reasons we come here, and once that lesson has been learned, we can take back our power and ability to manifest. The Light Circle had this to say: ‘Powerlessness is one of the major lessons of your earth incarnations. For an eternal and unrestricted being, entering the confines of a physical body is at once disempowering and in some senses liberating. ‘

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Clearing: The Storm After the Calm

Martha Dunlop New to This, Ready for More 3 Comments

Clearing. First comes the breakthrough, that beautiful aha moment when the world fits into place. You feel amazing, buzzing as though life can’t get any better. Then the next day you wake up with a throbbing headache and a mood that would scare small children. What happened to destroy your buzz?

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Connecting with My Soul-Sisterhood: A New Perspective on Reincarnation

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Do you feel supported on your spiritual journey? Many people have been travelling a path of spiritual development in secret, hiding it from a world they experience as judgmental. As I start to talk about my ‘real world’ I am hearing from more people who share that space, and we are able to offer each other support. That’s an amazing and eye-opening experience for me, but wonderful as it is, peer support is the tip of the iceberg. I always have support from my guides. I feel them with me all the time, whether I’m communicating with them or not. Similarly, I have contact with departed family members. They may be focused elsewhere, but I can feel them, and contact them if I choose. They are part of my group and we remain interlinked wherever we exist. Whether or not you are aware of these connections, you have them too and can call on them at any time.

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Ascension: Did Anything Change in 2012?

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Do you remember when everyone said the world would end on 21 December 2012? You probably thought it was a fuss about nothing, yet another failed prediction about humanity’s demise. If you had read a bit more, you might have been excited. You might have heard that the world wasn’t predicted to end, but to change. That maybe we might raise our consciousness, hopefully without death being part of the deal. At the time there was a body of thinking that suggested Ascension would be a fast process. We would change, and that would be it. Maybe our relatives would think we had died, whereas actually we would be having the party of the century up there in fifth density. Of course none of this happened, and many people laughed at the predictions. But something did happen, and a lot of us noticed it.

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