Protection and the Unsuspecting Empath

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Do you ever have mood swings? One minute you’re on top of the world, excited by the future, the next you’re down in the pit, feeling as though everyone is against you.

Sometimes there will be a good reason for the swing. On other days it will take you completely by surprise.

It took me decades to realise the catalyst for change could be the mood of the person I was with.

Empathy can mean understanding someone’s viewpoint, but it can also mean you feel the emotions of another person as though they were your own. You may not even recognise you’re doing it.

If you really think about it, you’ll know what I mean.

Think through the people you know. There’ll be at least one person who always makes you feel better. You’ll seek out time with them because you feel buzzy afterwards. They might make you feel anything is possible, that you can do things you thought were beyond you, or just that life is actually a good place to be. Maybe they drown out your anxiety and leave you feeling calm and relaxed, more able to take on life. You don’t need to be close friends with this person, their presence in itself will make you feel good, and you’ll probably seek out their company whenever you have the chance.

On the other end of the scale will be those who drag you down. We all know people like this. They may be pessimists, filled with anger or fear. You might like them a lot and want to support them, but after spending time with them you feel flat and heavy. They could be friends, acquaintances, colleagues or family members.

Sometimes these people are in our life to show us how we can develop. They may give us a mirror image of things we need to change about ourselves. If you’re interested in this, please read the more advanced post on protection. For now, I’m going to assume this is not the case.

When you encounter these people, you are experiencing their energy or Aura. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself and those you love from the negativity around you.

The Magic Bubble

If you’re good at visualisation, you can use your own mind to protect yourself without spending a penny.

Imagine a beam of white light coming down from the sky. It reaches so high that you can’t see where it begins. It’s pure and iridescent, and fills you with a feeling of lightness. Imagine the light flooding over you, hitting the ground and doubling up to form a bubble around you.

Now intend that this bubble stays with you all day, all morning or afternoon, the next hour, or whatever period of time you need the protection for. You may find it helpful to ask for help. You can ask whichever higher power you relate to, the Source, God, your Guardian Angel, it’s the intention that matters.

The Impenetrable Aura

Another visualisation is to imagine your own aura. See your own energy filling the space around you so that there are no cracks or holes. Imagine your energy to be large and pure, so you can hold your own shape no matter who you spend time with. I have also had success using this method to avoid catching colds when around people who are ill.

Crystal Protection

Crystals offer the simplest method of protection. Crystals all have their own healing vibrations and we can benefit from this by keeping them close by.

Wearing the right crystals can give you protection from the energies around you, without you having to think about it. By putting jewellery on in the morning, or by slipping a stone into your pocket, you set your intention that it should protect you.

The big daddy of crystal protection is considered to be Black Tourmaline, but personally I have always found Amethyst to be the best for me. Crystals are very personal and you will be drawn to the stones that will help you the most. So when choosing, follow your heart.

There is a wealth of information on the properties of crystals at . You can also find lots of beautiful stones and jewellery at

Please remember that these methods protect you from energy that is not your own. You cannot protect yourself from your own issues, or from the work you need to do with other people.

If none of the methods help, there are probably issues you need to address.

Some of you will already know how to do this. For those who don’t, I will be suggesting methods as we go further on our adventure, so look through the archives and keep an eye out for new posts.

Dealing with your issues and clearing blockages from the past is an exciting journey that can lead you to a whole new sense of the world and yourself. Come with me, and we can explore it together.

All suggestions are from my own experience. If you want formal advice on using crystals please consult a crystal healing specialist.

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