Reiki is a form of energy healing. It can be used for relaxation and to help the body heal itself, but my focus is to use Reiki for the Ascension process.

By clearing our ‘baggage,’ or negative conditioning patterns, we raise our frequencies and begin to attract more positive experiences into our lives. Raising your frequencies can also help you develop your psychic abilities, because it clears the blockages that stand in the way of a clear connection to Source energy and your guides. This process is often referred to as Ascension.

By working with your guides and mine, I can help to establish what patterns are coming up to be worked on, and how you can move forwards with them. In this way, the session provides both information to work with, and energy healing where it is needed.

After the session I will email you a transcription of the words from your guides and mine, as well as any energies I read along the way.

The healing is performed at a distance and programmed to be activated at a time that is convenient to you.

I suggest that you find a time when you have 45-60 minutes when you can relax without disturbance. Lie on a bed or a sofa, make sure you’re warm and comfortable, then either meditate or just relax.

Afterwards, make sure you drink plenty of water.

Reiki works in a number of ways.

  • It relaxes the patient so their body is able to activate the natural, self-healing process,
  • It clears energy blockages from Chakras and Aura,
  • It can help clear negative patterns from this life and other incarnations, enabling the patient to move forwards with emotional, spiritual and psychic development.

Everything is made of energy, even our own bodies. When our energies become blocked or unbalanced it can make us feel ill or distressed. This process begins in our energy field, or aura, but if it is not cleared, it will eventually manifest in our physical bodies.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels life-force energy, or ‘Ki’, through their hands and into the patient, clearing and balancing their energies. The Practitioner can work anywhere on the body that needs healing, but focuses mainly on the seven main Chakras or energy centres.

For the patient, Reiki is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment. When done in person, the patient remains fully clothed, and lies on a bed in a relaxed state, but it is equally effective when done from a distance. During the session is a good time to meditate, or to just be fully in the moment and be with your thoughts.

After the treatment relax if possible, and drink lots of water.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy and should not be used instead of proper medical advice or treatment. I work on an energy level, and cannot give a medical diagnosis.

If you are interested in finding out more or booking a session, you can contact me here.


I have been fortunate enough to have received Reiki from Martha on a number of occasions. My experience was quite profound, powerful and beneficial. I highly recommend Martha and her wonderfully innate ability to practice Reiki.
Helen, Worcestershire

Reiki with Martha is a relaxing experience, coupled with useful information and great support for personal development.
Jacqueline , Hertfordshire

Working with Martha was my first experience of Reiki. It was a delight I plan to repeat on a regular basis.
Emma, Hertfordshire

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