Reiki For Ascension

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My focus with Reiki, is to aid with the Ascension process. By clearing our ‘baggage,’ or negative conditioning patterns, we raise our frequencies and begin to attract more positive experiences into our lives. Raising your frequencies can also help you develop your psychic abilities, because it clears the blockages that stand in the way of a clear connection to Source energy and your guides. This process is often referred to as Ascension. By working with your guides and mine, I can help to establish what patterns are coming up to be worked on, and how you can move forwards with them.

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Intuitive Tarot Readings

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I offer intuitive tarot readings over Skype. There are many different ways of reading tarot, and my focus is on personal development. My readings can be used to understand a situation better, to look at your life as it is at the moment, or to explore your options going forward. Please note that I will not tell you what to do. Instead I can help you understand your choices according to the energy as it is at the moment.

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