Names, labels and the Consciousness of Expansion

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What’s in a name?

A lot, apparently. We try to name everything from our cars to our beliefs. We want to tie down what’s ‘out there’, whether we’re thinking about space or spiritual realms.

Names can be useful. They can help us to understand what we’re dealing with, to recognise a pattern, an energy, an experience. But they can also hold us back. This tendency has always been strong in spirituality. But is there room for something else?

Personally, I don’t like to be labelled because it feels constricting. Yes, I use words people recognise. I talk about myself as a channel and a psychic. I talk about things I can do, like tarot, reiki and psychic readings, but none of those things define me. None of them limit what I can perceive or experience. Instead, they give me a way to explain something in a language other people can relate to.

When I channel I am occasionally given a name. I may be shown a face, or an image. Most often I feel an energy. From that energy, I can recognise a familiar being and tell what level of vibration I’m dealing with. I don’t name or number those vibrational levels, I just experience them. This works for me.

I understand that others like to work with named beings, and whatever works for them is perfect. But I like to be open to that rather than bound by it.

My experience of the spiritual realms is of energy, light, colour, movement, vibration. To me, oneness isn’t a concept, it’s a reality of that experience. From this perspective, a named being is a part of this energy that has been separated and categorised. I know this happens on a spiritual level as well as on the Earth plane. But I feel that if you travel far enough up that beam that I loosely term as The Source, everything becomes one.

Imagine a beam of light streaming through the trees. At the top, that beam is a single source of light. By the time it reaches the earth, it has become a myriad of smaller beams, which become more and more linked as they reach up to the sky. This is how I visualise Source.

These visualisations, or presentations help us understand something which is bigger than our human brains can comprehend at this time. In this way, they are invaluable. But they are just examples, explanations rather than ultimate truths. And when they are used as a way of setting one person above another, or of engendering fear, they can become a problem.

I have heard many stories recently about certain beings warning that if you don’t follow their advice immediately, you will be left behind in this wonderful journey of Ascension. I have to say I have never in my whole life been given a message of fear from a guide, an angelic being, a light being, whatever you want to call them. In my experience they come from a place of love, a place where there is no judgment, and a place where time is irrelevant. Their patience is infinite.

Spirituality is the most expansive thing I have ever experienced. It has no bounds. It is greater than we can comprehend, and always offers us more to learn, to experience and to absorb.

I’ve talked a lot about flow recently. By that I mean the process of abandoning detailed plans. Yes, I know it sounds scary. In fact, you don’t need to ditch them as long as you’re not bound by them. There is nothing wrong with a plan as a statement of intention, a suggestion for what could come next if it feels right. But the process of flow involves tuning in to your intuition at each stage of the process. Feeling out from the inside which course of action is most aligned with you at that moment of time. In this way, destinations that had never occurred to you, but are deeply aligned with your purpose and talents, have a way to beckon you in.

I didn’t plan to launch a blog. I planned to write books. I am writing books, but the blog was a surprise turn in the road. I didn’t plan to do Reiki, but it called to me, one step at a time and I followed. The same with Tarot. In fact, I didn’t intend to ever admit to the psychic side of my life. For most of my years it was a deeply personal experience I didn’t plan to share. And yet, here I am, and it feels like the most natural experience in the world.

This process of flow requires an element of trust. Trust in yourself, and trust that what calls you right now, will lead you to the next step on your path, whether or not the destination is what you currently imagine it to be.

How does this connect into names? Well, it’s the state of expansion, of reaching out, embracing possibilities. The restriction we’re so used to comes from our own third density world and consciousness, and we’re now being given the opportunity to start moving beyond it. If you’re feeling restriction, try to open your mind. There is more than one way to flow beyond a block and it may not be the route you’ve been wishing for.

We can label things, and we can limit them as much as we like. But there is another way.

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