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Energy Reading for March 2018

Channelled from The Light Circle.

The potential for psychic communication and for transformation through intuitive work is high in March.

For those of you who are either used to working in the psychic realms, or are keen to begin, now is a great time to delve into your own potential, into your own fascination with your multi-dimensional self.

This is a good time to work on creative projects, as your ability to tap into the streams of current energy is at a personal high. You can create easily from your inner self, and from an understanding of the energies that are current in your world. You can gain much joy from this process if you allow yourself to truly open and do not bar your process from addressing that which is deep, personal, or revealing. Through this process of creativity, much can be transformed in your own energy and in the world you create for yourself. This is a time of creative visioning, a time to ponder on the world you would like to live in over the course of the next astrological cycle. Your visions have power, strength, and the ability to manifest, so use your creative juices with care, with intention, and with joy.

You may feel that you are not a creative person, and yet, each and every one of you has the potential to tap into creativity at will. Your linear understanding of creativity can be limited, and this enables some to feel they are barred from the process, but please be aware that creativity can manifest in many ways that may seem obvious or obscure to you. You can be creative as you clean a house by visioning the newness of what you would like to manifest in your own life. You can be creative when you mend something, when you walk your dog. Anything can be a creative process. Creativity lies in your mind, in your ability to envision something that is new and to put your intention behind it.

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A Thin Slice of Heaven, Cosy Chat with author, Patricia Terrell

P.M. Terrell, is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of more than 21 suspense, historical and non-fiction books. Founder of Book ‘Em North Carolina and The Novel Business .

Welcome to the Story Cave, Patricia, I am delighted to have you here for a chat by the fire.

I really loved A Thin Slice of Heaven. It had history, romance, reincarnation, the afterlife, a fabulously creepy castle and lots of wisdom thrown in along the way.

The castle in A Thin Slice of Heaven is incredibly atmospheric. As someone who picks up the energy of buildings, it really ‘felt’ like a real creepy castle. Is it based on a real place? And if so, how much did the place inspire your story?

Thank you for having me here today, Martha! I am a huge fan of your work. While researching my ancestry, I made several trips to my ancestral home at Glencull, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The area inspired the village in A Thin Slice of Heaven as well as the castle. The potato famine was inspired by a visit to the Ulster American Folk Park and Museum at Omagh, County Tyrone. Whenever I visit Ireland, I feel the energy and history there almost as if I am being transported into the past. It is truly a magical and mystical country.

The historical story behind Thin Slice of Heaven is heart-breaking, and I love the way you illustrate the way past life events can impact on a current life. What was the main thing you wanted to communicate through this?

I believe in reincarnation and I believe strongly that what we do in the present lifetime, both positive and negative, sets the stage for our next lifetime.

I also believe that reality is shaped by our perceptions and we often can be our own harshest critics. The story has multiple levels, just as life does, conveying a love that transcends the centuries as well as how our decisions can impact others, even if we believe at the time that the decision was minor or even justified.

Sean is a fabulous hero. How did you find your inspiration for him?

I have undergone past life hypnosis several times, which is truly fascinating, and Sean is based on the memory of someone I knew well in several past lives. I’m glad you found him to be a fabulous hero in the story because he certainly was in real life—and continues to be in his present incarnation.

Reiki For Ascension

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It can be used for relaxation and to help the body heal itself, but my focus is to use Reiki for the Ascension process.

By clearing our ‘baggage,’ or negative conditioning patterns, we raise our frequencies and begin to attract more positive experiences into our lives. Raising your frequencies can also help you develop your psychic abilities, because it clears the blockages that stand in the way of a clear connection to Source energy and your guides. This process is often referred to as Ascension.

By working with your guides and mine, I can help to establish what patterns are coming up to be worked on, and how you can move forwards with them. In this way, the session provides both information to work with, and energy healing where it is needed.

After the session I will email you a transcription of the words from your guides and mine, as well as any energies I read along the way.

The healing is performed at a distance and programmed to be activated at a time that is convenient to you.

Channelled and Psychic Email Readings

I offer email readings for specific questions.

These consist of a combination of energy reading and channelled information from your guides and mine.

These readings are helpful if you are trying to understand a situation, or a pattern in your life.

Information is always most forthcoming when you are trying to work on yourself.

Please avoid yes/no questions.

I will not make decisions for you, but can help you to understand the energies at play.

Intuitive Tarot

I offer intuitive tarot readings over Skype.

There are many different ways of reading tarot, and my focus is on personal development.

My readings can be used to understand a situation better, to look at your life as it is at the moment, or to explore your options going forward.

Please note that I will not tell you what to do. Instead I can help you understand your choices according to the energy as it is at the moment.

Tarot readings can book be booked for half and hour or an hour. If you are interested in a reading, please contact me for more information.

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Writing my own stories is the ultimate adventure and I am working on two paranormal fiction projects at the moment.

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