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A Cosy Chat with fantasy author Sandra Hurst

A mythmaker at heart, Sandra Hurst has been writing poetry, fantasy and science fiction since her school days in England. Hurst moved to Canada in 1980 and was deeply influenced by the wild lands and the indigenous cultures that surrounded her. Y’keta, her first full length novel, is set in a mythical land reminiscent of pre-historic earth. An ancient world where legends walk and the Sky Road offers a way to the stars.

A member of the Alexandra Writers Centre Society, the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, and The Mythopoeic Society, Hurst works to build fantasy worlds that allow her readers to join her in exploring the depths of human interaction in a mythical game of ‘what if.’

Her first novel, Y’keta is long-listed for the prestigious Aurora Award, for best Canadian fantasy novel (Young Adult) and the American based RONE award for break out fantasy novel.

She now lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and son, both of whom she loves dearly, and has put up for sale on e-bay when their behaviour demanded it.


Welcome, Sandra, it’s lovely to have you in the Story Cave.  Congratulations on your first book-birthday with Yketa!

Y’Keta is based on the Native American Thunderbird legend. Can you tell us a bit about the legend?

The native peoples of the Americas have legends of these half bird,  half human creatures that are lords of the storms and lightning. I was fascinated by one legend that I found where the thunderbird (under many different names and guises) had the ability to take off their feathers and live unnoticed among the people, even marrying and having half human children.

Belonging seems to be a strong theme.  Can you explain a bit about the concept of Kit’na, and the significance of belonging in the story?

During the dark ages in Europe it was common for children of the nobility to be raised away from home. They would leave around seven or eight years old and return, if at all, only when they were full grown. The concept of the Kit’na developed from this custom, but on a more humane, voluntary basis. A young person, between sixteen and eighteen in Y’keta’s world, can make the difficult decision to walk away from everything they had known and attempt to join their destiny with another village. This also echoes the concept of ‘roads’ and ‘walking’ that underlies the series. Each person must choose the road that they are going to walk and take the dangers and joys go with that choice.

For Y’keta this is all new. His people didn’t have the custom of Kit’na, he was forced out. He arrived at Esquialt with no skills, no knowledge, nothing to help him fit in.

In many ways, Y’keta has never belonged anywhere. He is struggling to find his destiny and to escape the one forced on him by his heritage. Esquialt can be a haven for him, if he can learn to belong there.

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Energy Reading for April 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle.

As you begin this astrological New Year, many ideas and patterns have come up for re-examination. Many issues have come to light. This past month has been a swirling mass of emotion, of sensitivity, and of being impacted by the world and the energies around you. This process has been helpful in its way, and yet now is a good time to focus in on the things that are of most benefit to you.

Look at your thoughts, look at your feelings, look at the emotions that have been overwhelming you, swamping you or causing your brain to run on over-time. Which of these are helpful, if any? Have you come out of this time with ideas that can help you move forward, or are they just holding you back from the path you know you want to walk? Your answers will vary. There is no one way that this will manifest.

For some, ideas that have come up will have been deep and full of potential. You will have received inspiration that will help you move forwards in ways that you had not previously envisaged. For others, you will have been swamped with grief, with guilt, or with patterns and feelings that may come from your own history, or from those around you.

Reiki For Ascension

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It can be used for relaxation and to help the body heal itself, but my focus is to use Reiki for the Ascension process.

By clearing our ‘baggage,’ or negative conditioning patterns, we raise our frequencies and begin to attract more positive experiences into our lives. Raising your frequencies can also help you develop your psychic abilities, because it clears the blockages that stand in the way of a clear connection to Source energy and your guides. This process is often referred to as Ascension.

By working with your guides and mine, I can help to establish what patterns are coming up to be worked on, and how you can move forwards with them. In this way, the session provides both information to work with, and energy healing where it is needed.

After the session I will email you a transcription of the words from your guides and mine, as well as any energies I read along the way.

The healing is performed at a distance and programmed to be activated at a time that is convenient to you.

Channelled and Psychic Email Readings

I offer email readings for specific questions.

These consist of a combination of energy reading and channelled information from your guides and mine.

These readings are helpful if you are trying to understand a situation, or a pattern in your life.

Information is always most forthcoming when you are trying to work on yourself.

Please avoid yes/no questions.

I will not make decisions for you, but can help you to understand the energies at play.

Intuitive Tarot

I offer intuitive tarot readings over Skype.

There are many different ways of reading tarot, and my focus is on personal development.

My readings can be used to understand a situation better, to look at your life as it is at the moment, or to explore your options going forward.

Please note that I will not tell you what to do. Instead I can help you understand your choices according to the energy as it is at the moment.

Tarot readings can book be booked for half and hour or an hour. If you are interested in a reading, please contact me for more information.

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As a Psychic Channel, I’ve spent many years working with energy and learning about myself, others and the universe. I don’t mean book learning, although I’ve done that too. I’m talking about things you can experience here and now, every day of your life.


I have always loved stories. They bring magic into our lives, taking us on more adventures than we could ever dream up on our own. Stories create new realities in our minds and impact the way we see the world. The characters I have loved in books stay with me, friends I can revisit at any time.

Writing my own stories is the ultimate adventure and I am working on two paranormal fiction projects at the moment.

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